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Coming in February 2022

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Can a failed scientist save a city? Can he even save himself?


Fired from his dream job and exiled among the misfits and mutants of the Undercity, Tak has gone from wunderkind to washed-out failure in record time. His last hope of reclaiming his life in the shining city above is to somehow prove his wild theories correct. 


In order to continue his research, Tak accepts a job at a shady underground laboratory, where he struggles to reconcile what he believes to be right with the things he must do to survive. 


But when a strange plague rips through the people of the Undercity, Tak’s knowledge becomes their only hope of survival. 


In his race to find a cure, Tak uncovers things about his former life he never knew. Secrets the shining city will work to conceal by any means necessary.


With his life on the line, Tak must choose between reclaiming his old position of privilege and saving the Undercity people who need him.


Because he can’t have it both ways. 

And time is running out.

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"Divergent meets Hunger Games and then some. Could not put this one down."


“Writer in control of all. The story sweeps you along with it.”


"The book is nonstop action and adventure."


"Absolutely loved this book!"


“Exciting and intriguing … a great read from beginning to end. Can't wait to read the next one.”


See what all the fuss is about.